Thumbnail imageThe 2013's masquerades will be provided, this winter and spring, by the yought from Camou-Cihigue.

There, the dates of representation:

February 10th , first representation in Camou Chigue; February 17th , Licq Athérey; February 24th , Roquiague; March 3rd , Tardets-Sorholus; March 9th , Aussurucq; Marth 17th , Barcus; Marth 24th , Sauguis Saint Etienne; March 31th , Alos Sibas Abense de haut; April 7th , Larrau; April 14th , Ordiarp; April 21th , Ossas-Suhare; April 28th , Alçay Alçabéhéty Sunharette; May 5th , Camou (last representation)